Bill Wittur
Wine, Food, Travel & More

I got my unofficial ‘start’ in the wine business many decades ago. Just don’t tell my parents.

As one of ‘MVVPs’ (Main Veggie Vini People), I will prove my interest in a wide range of topics related to food and wine. I’m now based in Kingston, Ontario, just a short bike ride away from Prince Edward County, one of Canada’s most interesting wine producing regions (and tourist destinations).

I’ve been writing about wine and food for more than a decade with my own blog and while operating various businesses related to wine importing and direct-to-consumer sales. I completed many levels of the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) and Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) programs, netting out with a unique comfort level when talking about different beverages. I’ve been involved with Ontario alcohol that are waaaay too boring to recount here. Suffice to say, it’s a crazy business!

I’ve contributed many articles to other blogs as well and I might just take another run soon at more advanced education in wine, including the Wine Scholar Guild.

When it comes to food, it might surprise you that I’m not vegan. In fact, I’m not even remotely close to saying I’m vegetarian.

Sometimes, I don’t even engage in ‘meatless Mondays’.

There … that’s out of the bag now.

I just love food. And wine. And finding that heavenly perfect match that says ‘these two things are soulmates and will go down in time and the best pairing ever’.

OK … maybe not that goofy, but I want to have fun with this. It’s been all business so far. Now, let’s cook. Eat. Drink. Celebrate (responsibly). Repeat.

So here’s what I want to go and get from this. I want to start down a path of preparing myself for the change that we can all feel is coming. I’ll save that chat for a full blog entry 🙂

The short version: I’m going to stumble my way through vegan dishes and wine pairings and do my best to be informative, fun and discover lots.

Join me. Let’s do this together.

Please enjoy, share and visit this site often. I need you and I certainly hope to make a great site that will make you need me.