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Stone House Brewing Company Stone House Pilsner

650 ml bottle
12 Bottles Per Case
Stone House Brewing Company Ontario
PLEASE NOTE: This product is available for pickup at the location only.  At the moment, delivery is not an option.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but it's worth the trip. Just be sure to tell them you heard about Stone House on Drinky.ca. Stone House Pilsner is a true Czech Pilsner beer. Crystal clear and deep golden in colour.  A very crisp, clean approachable and refreshing pilsner with light straw grass and mild malt grain finish. ...

*Minimum quantities may apply

Gulpener Brewery Chateau Neubourg

330 ml bottle
24 Bottles Per Case
Gulpener Brewery Netherlands
Voted the number 1 beer in Holland for the second year in a row by the Dutch Beer Challenge!! This Brewery hails from the city of Gulpen, Netherlands where¬†water is drawn from local wells‚ÄĒ12 degree Celsius, cold and clear, from 53 meters below the Limburg Hills, and practice sustainable farming. Making the best tasting beer from Holland. ¬† More than a decade of true sustainability means more than gathering raw ingredients from local and organic sources, recycling water, ...

*Minimum quantities may apply
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