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Ca' La Bionda 2014 Campo Casal Vegri Valpolicella

Certified Organic


This Valpolicella is made from grapes grown in our CasalVegri vineyard. The particular micro-climate, soil composition and hill-side topography of this vineyard provide all the necessary conditions for the making of a red wine of great pedigree. We have made a conscious decision to use all the grapes from this vineyard for the making of this wine, thus eliminating the selection of the best grapes for the making of an Amarone, as tends to be common practice in the Valpolicella region. We have also chosen not to employ the currently fashionable technique of “ripasso” which involves macerating the must of another wine with the pressings of Amarone as we feel the grapes are of such a high quality that this “corrective” measure is unnecessary.

GRAPE VARIETISE: 70% Corvina, 20% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella and
other indigenous varieties .

REGION OF ORIGIN: The historically “classic” zone of the Valpolicella.
SOIL: The soil is mainly clay-limestone with a high proportion of rock and stone : this particular type of soil yields wines of great finesse and elegance, characteristics essential for long living wines.
VINEYARD: The vineyard is on a hillside at an altitude ranging from 150 to 300 meters above sea-level with an exposure to the east.
VINTAGE: Vintage generally begins in the last 10 days of September and continues until the end of October.
VINIFICATION AND AGEING: This Valpolicella is fermented in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks with the temperature kept at a maximum of 25°C. Following fermentation 90% of the wine is aged for a period of 18 months in 3000 litre barrels and the remaining 10% in oak barriques. The wine undergoes a further 6 months of bottle ageing before being released commercially.
TASTING NOTES AND FOOD SUGGESTIONS: This is a wine of great concentration: the nose is brimming with sour cherries and small forest fruits. The same fruits continue on the palate which reveals a generous body, a smooth and silky mouth feel and a long finish. This wine is an ideal accompaniment to roast meats and pan fried steak.


750 ml bottle
$32.95 by the bottle
Alcohol/Vol. 14.00 %
Produced By: Ca' La Bionda
Bottles Per Case: 12
Deposit: $0.20 per bottle
Varietal: Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella
Region: Valpolicella Classico
Sugar Content: 2.00 g
Hold: Drink now or hold up to 3 years
Availability: 2-3 Days

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