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Interprov. Barriers Brought to Highest Court

Here's to Gerard Comeau!

Several years ago, Gerard Comeau of Tracadie of New Brunswick went on a 'beer run' from New Brunswick to Quebec and back again.

He was stopped 'at the border' by the RCMP and was fined for illegally 'importing' more than he was allowed by New Brunswick law.

Comeau - brave man that he is - took the case to court and his lawyers have now made this case a Supreme Court challenge, citing Sec. 121 of the 1867 Constitution.

Image result for canadian constitution 1867 sec 121 The Section itself reads:

121. All Articles of the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of any one of the Provinces shall, from and after the Union, be admitted free into each of the other Provinces.

This important section has been ignored by the provinces for 150 years as they protected their monopolies and made it difficult for any new suppliers or producers to gain a foot-hold in the national distribution of their products.

The CBC has more background on this story, but the implications are certainly national: if (preferably 'once') the Supreme Court decides that preventing the flow of alcohol from province to province contradicts the spirit of the Constitution, we should finally be able to buy cool new products that are made all across this great country!

No date has been provided by the Supreme Court as to when they'll hear the case or when a decision will be delivered, but when they do, Canadians may finally be able to enjoy a Nova Scotia sparkling wine, Quebec cider, Niagara Pinot Noir, Alberta gin or BC Syrah ... all without feeling like they've 'broken the rules'.

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