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LCBO Votes to Strike; Drinky.ca To Stay Open

LCBO workers have voted overwhelmingly to strike.

We're not sure when the actual strike might occur.

Drinky.ca will be open for business.

On a minor technical note, there are two important aspects to our suppliers:

  1. Domestic suppliers - these are local producers that are licensed to sell their product to the public.
  2. Agents / Importers - these are people that import products via the LCBO warehouse and then distribute it to restaurants and private collectors.

So long as domestic suppliers are licensed to sell their product, they will be able to use Drinky.ca to list products and then respond to any order requests placed by consumers.  In order words, you'll still have LOTS to choose from when/if the LCBO goes on strike.

(As a reminder, Drinky.ca functions like Kijiji: when you place an order request, it's up to the supplier or agent to take care of filling the order.  We do everything to make sure it's taken care of, but don't warehouse or store any product).

The situation with agents may be a little trickier.  Because the LCBO is still involved with imported products, agents that use Drinky.ca may not be able to fulfill orders when a strike is happening.  However, there's a remote possibility that LCBO management will keep the warehouse functioning in order to support restaurants and other private buyers.  If this happens, you may still be able to get private orders, but expect delays!

All products listed on Drinky.ca are sold by the suppliers who make them or the agents who import them and not Drinky.ca.
Suppliers are required to respect the terms of their license with respect to retail pricing, markup and availability.
Additional shipping, sales tax and other fees may apply. Any suppliers or agents selling in a jurisdiction where they are not legally permitted to do so will be removed from the site.
Please read our Terms and Conditions for additional information about using Drinky.ca.
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