I am legally permitted to purchase alcohol where I live.


Welcome to the future of alcohol sales in Canada!

Drinky is a Canadian-based web portal designed to bring you all of the wine, spirits and beer products that are NOT listed with your local liquor board or retailer.

In Canada and abroad, the world of artisan, boutique and craft producers of alcohol products is booming and we built Drinky as a unique platform for these companies and their representatives to engage in sale and distribution directly to YOU!

Drinky is a family-run, Canadian small business. The owners are entrepreneurs, industry experts and have extensive experience with different alcohol suppliers. We decided a while ago that we'd like to work more closely with small suppliers in Canada and Drinky was ultimately the best way to do this.

Who Are We?

Bill Wittur, Chief Sipster
Bill has been a wine agent for nearly 5 years, but also has substantial experience and recognition for his participation in the evolution of online marketing and digital platforms.

He's a chronic entrepreneur and has started and managed two other businesses in the past: an online music portal and a digital marketing consulting company.

Interests include music, especially live concerts, movies, guitar, travel and gaming.
Favourite 'go to' libation: gin & cucumber soda with a touch of lime

Favourite bands: U2, The National, Yukon Blonde, The Shins, Oasis, ELO, Bruce Springsteen, Stars

Favourite Games: Anything to do with Batman, Assassin's Creed

Liam Rice, Chief Code Monkey
Liam has most of his coding years building stuff from backend to front, touching all kinds of different code bases over the years. From before the dotCom world to Web 2.0 and now beyond.

Building stuff for the automotive, sports, and medical sectors. Bill offered some alcohol :).

He's a beach volleyball player, cyclist, hockey player and also a referee for probably too long (so he's totally never wrong ;P).
Favourite 'go to' libation: a good old rum and coke, or something sweet

Favourite bands: Pretty much everything from motown to indie. A good fast pace is great for getting stuff done.

Favourite Games: Super Dodgeball for the original NES

Why Are We Doing This?

The basic goal of Drinky.ca and its owners is to vastly expand the range of options and selection of alcohol products in Canada, enable faster and greater distribution, all the while maintaining an air of social responsibility.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on introducing Canadians to the suppliers and makers in their own backyards, but also to the millions of unique alcohol products that are made around the world, all from the convenience of their own home.

What Are Our Views on Alcohol and Social Responsibility?

All kidding aside, we take alcohol seriously. When it comes to social issues related to alcohol, here are just a few of our views:

  • We have an initial screening for age of majority.
  • Suppliers and agents are asked to screen for potential abuse issues when delivering.
  • Suppliers and agents are required to have someone age of majority sign for project on delivery.
  • We have a strict zero tolerance policy with respect to drinking and driving. That include zero percent blood alcohol levels in the body when someone drives any vehicle.
  • We ask anyone who abuses alcohol to seek help and, more importantly, ask those around them to be brave and intervene and ask their loved ones to take care of themselves.

All products listed on Drinky.ca are sold by the suppliers who make them or the agents who import them and not Drinky.ca.
Suppliers are required to respect the terms of their license with respect to retail pricing, markup and availability.
Additional shipping, sales tax and other fees may apply. Any suppliers or agents selling in a jurisdiction where they are not legally permitted to do so will be removed from the site.
Please read our Terms and Conditions for additional information about using Drinky.ca.
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